Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a specific question about the filters offered on  Check here first for the answer, and then feel free to email us or use our chatbot if you don't see it here!

What is the difference between the standard and plus filter?

standard filters pure blue upf
The standard filter (both one and two stage, white or blue) handles sand, silt, sediment, as well as chlorine taste and odor.  They are labeled as PB Standard 8 (blue filter) or UPF 8 Carbon Block CTO (white filter).  
The Plus filter (both one and two stage, white or blue) does what the standard does, as well as drastically reduces chloramines, pharmaceuticals, lead, cysts, organics, and dangerous chemicals like trihalomethanes, DBPs, and EDBs.  They are labeled as PB Plus 8 (blue filter) or UPF 8 Plus Carbon Block CTO with Lead & Cyst (white filter).
For more information, check out this handy contaminant comparison chart.

How long do these filters last?

All single-stage filters, whether white or blue, last for six months.  
dupure single stage filters
Dual-stage STANDARD systems (PB with two Standard 8's or UPF 8 with two Carbon Block CTO) also last six months.  
Dual-stage systems that contain a PLUS filter are good for one year.
All reverse osmosis pre- and post-filters are also good for one year.

Is it hard to change these filters out?

As a matter of fact, it isn't hard at all!  It's a simple "twist off, twist on" process.  Each filter purchase comes with written instructions, and each instruction page can be found here, in PDF format.

My system has three filters ... why do I only see two on here?

The middle filter on any drinking water system is called the membrane, and it's good for two to three years, depending on the quality of your municipal tap water and whether or not you have a water softener.  We currently do not offer the membrane online.  You are encouraged to email us or call in at 877-5 FILTER to get it.


What does my system filter out?

Great question!  Here's a list of all the contaminants each filter virtually eliminates!

Contaminant Comparison Chart


Do these filter out fluoride?

None of our products filter out fluoride.


Why don't you offer alkaline filters on here?

Similar to the membrane, the alkaline filter is tricky to install, and we would encourage you strongly to schedule a technician for that replacement.


Is that the price for each dual stage/RO filter, or is that for the set?

Great question!  The price listed is for whatever is pictured.  If the price is $99 and the picture is two filters, then it's $99 FOR THE SET.


I just installed my filters and now my filter is cloudy...what's up?

Please be sure to let the water to the spigot run for a while to flush the lines.  It's going to be cloudy or dirty until the lines are completely flushed.


My water is barely trickling out of the spigot...what's up with that?

Your filters become clogged with sediment and other contaminants after a while, which eventually will cause drastically reduction in the water flow.  That's why recommend changing them out every six months (or one year with a dual-stage PLUS system.  Think of your water filter like an air know how your air filter is all gunked up and filthy when you pull it out?  Yeah - just like that.


What system do I have?

If you can't find your system on here - or don't have access to looking at it at this time, feel free to email in and ask.  We'll look your account up and direct you to your correct filter(s) with a link.


I have an EcoWater system...where are those filters?

To obtain your replacement EcoWater filters, simply call or email us, and we'll rush them right out to you!


Is there any shipping option other than UPS?

No, there isn't.  We have found that UPS is the least expensive and the most reliable when it comes to getting your replacement filter out to you.  We want you to get your shipment as soon as possible, with no issues.


If I have one color system, can I use the other color filters?

No, the systems are NOT interchangeable.  The threading is completely different, as are the widths.  If you have a blue system, get the blue filters - and vice versa.